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Kelvin TOP-SET® - OSH Operational Excellence Theatre

World-leaders in incident investigation, Kelvin TOP-SET has over 30 years’ experience in teaching the TOP-SET incident investigation process to help companies establish the underlying and root causes of all types and levels of incident. The TOP-SET system is jargon-free, easy-to-use and gives consistent results across all industry sectors. TOP-SET is used by many Fortune 500 companies to standardise the approach to investigating incidents throughout an organisation in order to learn from and prevent incident recurrence and to improve safety and business performance.


Praxis42 has been going strong since 2001. Our team are located throughout the UK, delivering a professional service to our national and international customers. We all share our values and vision to meet the needs of our varied customers. Our company is structured so we can provide the very best health and safety, fire safety and environment support for businesses whether you are a small or medium enterprise or a large corporate multisite organisation. We aim to ensure that the services we deliver meet your ever-changing needs.