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Keynote from the Health and Safety Executive
10:45 - 11:15
Head of Human Factors and Organisational Performance
Health and Safety Executive
Inspirational keynote: From apprentice engineer to award-winning journalist – Steph McGovern’s career journey and what she’s learnt about the good business
11:30 - 12:30
Journalist and TV Presenter

Join us in this session as Steph talks about how she went from working as an apprentice engineer at Black & Decker in Durham to becoming an award-winning financial journalist and BBC household name.

Having broadcast from over 600 organisations around the country, Steph will explain what she thinks it takes to be a good business and how to weather the economic and political storm.

On top of this Steph will be talking about why we need to value skills more in the UK and the importance of vocational training. Plus, what she has learnt from some of her biggest interviews, which includes President Trump.

Women in Health and Safety: Leading the way and taking risks
12:45 - 14:00
Group Risk Director
Director of Health and Wellbeing

Recent research has shown that women in leadership positions within health and safety show lower levels of innovation, confidence and risk-taking compared to their male counterparts. This is linked to lower levels of confidence and creative thinking.
Guest speaker, Ruth Denyer, Group Risk Director at ITV, will explore the issue. An accomplished leader in Risk, she will share what’s worked for her and offer advice for others in, or aspiring to be in, similar leadership positions. She will touch on:
• Collaborating with the business and supporting strategic objectives – not saying ‘no’
• Knowing how to land a message
• Making safety accessible using technology and the right language
• Confidence, knowing what you want and going for it
Following this guest talk, the incumbent Women in Health and Safety Chairperson, Dr Judith Grant, will introduce the committee and outline aims for the year ahead, including ways in which everyone can get involved.

Following the keynote session, the Women in Health and Safety network will lead a ‘speed networking’ session in the Networking Forum, which everyone is invited to. (See the Networking Forum programme for further details.)

Women in Health and Safety is a network of people who support gender equality and want to see women flourish in our profession. We encourage both men and women to join us.

An inspector's review of recent investigations: Falls from height and machinery safety
14:15 - 15:00
Health and Safety Inspector
Birmingham City Council

A detailed account of several recent incidents which have led to serious injuries. The presentation will include court cases involving following falls from height in LA premises (warehousing/office/ leisure). In addition, there will be examples of machinery incidents which have resulted in hand and finger amputations. The presentation will be delivered by Terry Mallard, a Health and Safety Inspector at Birmingham City Council. He has over 20 years’ experience of investigating a wide variety of -work-related incidents and will be available for questions following his talk.

Avoiding the complacency culture
15:15 - 15:45
Motivational Speaker

Whilst working as a plant operator engineer, I was in-volved in a machinery incident. The injury is not im-portant, it's more important how the incident evolved from 5 years previously.

The story highlights the fundamental importance of key safety behaviours such as risk assessment, communica-tion, and lock off procedures. It also highlights the need to think about custom and practice in the workplace and the need to encourage people to question and challenge each other. It is about joining the dots and speaking up, to ensure everybody goes home every day to loved ones.

The incident has left it's physical and psychological effects, including those with my relationships with family, work mates and friends. And even though this presentation is based around my accident, it is very much about helping organisations with the complacency on sites up around the country and further afield. Complacency is at the heart of accidents, whether on the ground with operators or with the highest of directors in organisations.

This talk will help delegates spot the signs and listen to the conversations that are happening in the workplace to help stop complacency and accidents. We will look at:
• Rational and irrational behaviours
• Complacency
• Leadership
• Cultures amongst teams and departments
• Making a difference

Panel: How to attract, develop and retain the best talent in health and safety
16:00 - 16:45
Corporate EHS Director
Group Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager
Head of HSSE Operations
APM Terminals
Acre Frameworks
Group Health, Safety, Environment and Security Director
Lloyd's Register

Both the world of work and the world of Health and Safety are changing. Recruiting and retaining the right people is critical to achieving your strategy as a Health and Safety team - so how do you position yourself as the employer of choice for Health and Safety talent?

Anna Keen, Founder of Acre Frameworks, challenges a panel of Global Health and Safety Leaders to uncover the secrets to attracting, developing and ultimately retaining the best talent in Health and Safety.

Whether you’re currently leading a team, you’re an aspiring leader or you’re a health and safety professional trying to understand who should get the benefit of your talent, this discussion hopes to provide a fresh and inspiring insight.

The panel will explore questions such as:

What is ‘talent’ in Health and Safety?
How do you attract talent?
What does development mean to you and your team?
How do you retain the right people?
When do you support them to leave?