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Getting conditions right for people to thrive
10:45 - 11:15
Occupational Health and Safety Policy Advisor

In this talk I will share my experience with keeping carassius auratus and what it’s taught me about leadership.

Health and safety in healthcare – building a safety culture within the NHS
12:40 - 13:10
Head of Health and Safety
Royal Free London NHS Foundation

How do we make sure that health and safety is given appropriate focus in a sector where looking after others is our job? Ensuring that the health and safety of staff is embedded in our safety culture is fundamental to controlling the risks in such a complex sector. From board level support, to encouraging staff on the ground to make health and safety part of their everyday working life, we can only take care of others if we look after ourselves. This presentation will look at ways we are trying to embed health and safety in a hospital environment to prevent accidents and injuries.

The case for investing in psychological safety - why Safety profes-sionals need to examine the risks and benefits for their organisation
14:40 - 15:10
Chief Executive
Wellbeing Works

As work demands change, Health and Safety professionals need to ensure their organisations are both physically and psychologically safe.

Hamish Moore, Chief Executive will explain in detail what Psycholog-ical Safety is and explain his research in this area, why organisations are now measuring Psychological Safety and provide some practical actions that you can implement to address the issues arising.
Immediately following the presentation, Hamish will lead an interac-tive, one hour workshop in the Workshop on Networking Forum for those who want to put theory into practice.