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Achieving Health and Safety leadership excellence in the workplace
10:45 - 11:15
Head of Human & Organisational Performance,
HSE, Science Division
Senior Psychologist
Health and Safety Executive
Qualification Development Manager

NEBOSH and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will jointly host this interactive session. Research undertaken by the HSE has identified key competencies and behaviours that are associated with health and safety leadership excellence. We plan to highlight what these competencies are and give you the opportunity to put your questions to HSE's expert psychologists and human factors experts.

Developing HSE leaders from managers, and building your career
12:30 - 13:00
Global Health, Safety, Environment, BCM & Security

Darren is currently Senior Vice President for DHL Globally for HSE, where he has progressed significantly since joining as a Health & Safety Director for DHL UK in 2003. He started his health & Safety career with the Coal board back in 1985, before moving to Midlands newspapers as a Health & Safety Officer, and Stadco the manufacturing supplier to the Automotive industry, as Group Health & Safety Manager.

Assessing safety culture: Old wine in a new bottle
13:10 - 13:40

• Organisations have struggled to ‘truly’ measure safety culture, using safety climate surveys as a proxy, simply because a viable alternative method was not available.
• An existing qualitative cultural measurement tool was adapted to incorporate a quantitative element focused on the effectiveness of an organisation’s efforts to influence safety behaviour.
• Use of the adapted assessment tool in a North American conglomerate was found to be highly reliable and demonstrated criterion-related validity with various types of serious and minor injury records.
• The cultural assessment tool is a practical, useful, reasonably accurate and cost-effective method for identifying and describing an organisation’s safety culture that lends itself to injury reduction.
• The talk will present a case study and results.

Training – Getting it right
13:50 - 14:20
Health & Safety Consultant
  • Get the best results
  • Optimise your value for money
  • Deliver the correct training to the right people.
It’s not about the fall... but about the bounce
14:30 - 15:15
Chairman and Speaker
Anker & Marsh
Managing Director
Anker & Marsh

Jason Anker MBE has spoken over the last 8 years on the implications of not speaking up and the implications on his life, family and friends.

As we are now rightly focusing on health and wellbeing as well, Jason has been developing a new talk about what he has achieved since his accident and how not just having resilience but learning how to use it to improve his health and wellbeing. Jason’s journey since his accident has not always been easy but now concentrated on his achievements and things he can do no longer thinking about things he cannot do.

The talk now is not about the fall but it’s about the bounce.

New safety debate
15:30 - 16:00
Brand Director
Safety & Health Expo
HS Director
Battersea Power Station Development Company
Health and Safety Manager

An introduction to the ‘new safety’ campaign, developed by SHP and the health and safety community. The debate will include results of an survey and will debate the following statements:

Health and safety should be:
1. Holistic – caring for both mental and physical health
2. Disruptive – embracing new approaches and technologies
3. Business leadership – driving cultural change from the boardroom to the frontline
4. Innovative – finding creative solutions to problems
5. Inclusive – celebrates diversity of views and individuals
6. Sustainable – champions environmentally sustainable business values