Paul Mahoney

Motivational Speaker

In November 2000 Paul was working as a Process Operator and Engineer at the Recycled Fibre Plant in Kemsley, Kent. He was involved in a machinery incident, which resulted inhis left arm being severed above the elbow (to this date the frst and only person in the UK).Paul’s story was shownas part of the BBC’s 999 programme as hisarm was retrieved and reattached. Whhilst Paul has his arm back, with limited use, it does not hold him back. Paul is honest and open about that day and the lead up to the incident. Whith any incident it has generated a ripple that is contnuing to this day.The incident has also had a profound efect on Paul psychologically and socially, afectng his relatonships with his wife (at the tme), family, work mates and friends. Paul’s story is incredibly rawand powerful, as he talks about the mindsets in the workplace of all levels when they that get foggedwith getng the job done, in his own honest way of expressing this fact.Paul has spoken around the world to industries far and wide. Even though Paul’s story sits beautfully with those in manufacturing and engineering, the story suits all industries as it will helps with thought provoking align for organisatons to where Paul, his colleagues and employer were, to that of their own current positon concerning health and safety and the culture that exists within it