London's Air Ambulance

The history between Informa Markets and London’s Air Ambulance:


The involvement of United Newspapers plc. with London’s Air Ambulance arose from a friendship and phone call between Richard Earlam, Consultant Surgeon at The Royal London Hospital and Lord Stevens, of Ludgate, Chairman of United Newspapers plc. in 1986.

Lord Stevens appreciated the urgent need to save patients dying unnecessarily and agreed to provide a helicopter, together with the pilots, operational staff and all running costs for 4 years.

Since that key initial support, London’s Air Ambulance has gone on to deliver lifesaving trauma care to over 37,000 critically injured people in London.


About London’s Air Ambulance:


London’s Air Ambulance is the charity providing doctor-led advanced trauma care to the 10 million people who live, work and travel within London’s M25.

Using a helicopter by day and rapid response cars by night, they deliver the hospital to the roadside, under a train or at a construction site. The team can be at a patient’s side within minutes of injury, performing interventions that make the difference between life and death, recovery and lifelong disability. They helped provide the frontline response to the London Bridge incident, Westminster terror attack and the Grenfell Tower fire.

They attended 412 falls from height last year and frequently attend rail incidents, industrial accidents and electrocutions.