Workplace Wellbeing Show 2020 will explore the indelible link between wellbeing and productivity. The scale is undeniable: according to the HSE, 600,000 people in the UK reportedly experienced work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2018/19, accounting for around 44% of all work-related illness.

One sector in which workplace wellbeing is too often overlooked is logistics, transportation and warehousing. Heavy workloads and long hours—many of which are worked alone—contribute to a n environment that can negatively impact employee mental health. This is why Workplace Wellbeing Show 2020 is launching a partnership with IMHX, the logistics and supply chain event, to help logistics professionals improve their wellbeing provision, promote better mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace and improve the reputation of the industry as a whole.


For instance, warehouses pose several problems for employee wellbeing. These workplaces are often dark and impersonal, with little natural light. Warehouses workers also typically work long hours, and the labour can be physically demanding. Employers and HR professionals can take some simple steps to improve staff health and wellbeing, however, through adopting better workplace wellbeing practice and providing support networks and a flexible approach to work for staff. They can also install better lighting, more open spaces and natural lighting to provide a much-needed wellbeing boost throughout the day.

By the same token, freight and transportation drivers face the challenge of long hours working alone. Lone working is a struggle across all sectors, but drivers often experience tiredness and fatigue, which can be fatal on the road. A strong wellbeing strategy including a flexible approach to work that enables drivers to take more breaks is essential.


IMHX and Workplace Wellbeing Show are joining up to tackle these threats—and more—and deliver the solutions. It’s as vital for logistics as any other industry, but logistics seems to be uniquely susceptible to wellbeing ‘horror stories’, making it a key concern.


IMHX introduces visitors to new technology, major industry developments and thousands of logistics professionals. The next edition is set to take place on 14–16 September 2021 at NEC Birmingham, meaning Workplace Wellbeing Show is the ideal event for logistics professionals in search of an event in 2020. But while IMHX focuses on the products and ideas shaping logistics, Workplace Wellbeing Show 2020 takes a focused look at strategies for improving mental health, providing you with the tools to ensure the employees using those products are working in safe, healthy and productive environments.


Workplace Wellbeing Show offers an extensive programme of seminars and presentations covering key wellbeing topics with unrivalled networking opportunities, an enormous display of new products and solutions and exclusive access to eight other co-located shows. A free ticket to Workplace Wellbeing Show offers some major benefits:


  • Learn from experienced wellbeing leaders in a comprehensive agenda of seminars and panel discussions covering key developments and insights
  • Source solutions and products to help enhance your wellbeing strategy from hundreds of exhibitors
  • Build new relationships and meet potential clients with extensive networking opportunities
  • Hear real wellbeing stories from people who have experienced mental and physical ill health, and take lessons from their experiences
  • Expand your strategy with products, insights and connections from security, fire, health and safety, intelligent buildings and facilities management at free-to-attend co-located shows

The event programme is designed to help you adopt a holistic approach to workplace wellbeing, so you can tackle mental, physical and financial wellbeing from the roots. Tickets are free, making it easy to take advantage of this exclusive partnership and enhance your logistics operation with simple insights and solutions from wellbeing.