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Stand No: L210

Since 1982, Magnum has been providing high performance tactical and service product with credibility second to none. It is the mission of Magnum to be the best in class by delivering unsurpassed product designed for its end user. Distributed in over 100 countries, Magnum attacks the marketplace with unmatched comfort, technology and value in uniform footwear and apparel used by law enforcement, military, fire/rescue, emergency medical, and nurses around the world. For more information, visit www.magnumboots.com/uk. You can also find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/magnumboots.

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Stand No: P165

Founded in 1928, Martindale Electric is one of the most trusted brands in electrical safety testing and is the market leader in safe isolation. Martindale provides essential solutions for compliance with Electricity at Work Regulations when maintaining electrical plant and equipment and a full range of electrical and environmental test tools.

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Stand No: S140

Martor is a leading manufacturer and an innovator of safety knives since 1976 when it launched the semi auto retracting blade in the Profi knife. Since then it has registered many patents, including the fully auto retracting blade system found in many of its recent safety knives including the Martego, the Merak and the newly launched Secupro 625. Its objective has been, and still is, to help reduce cut injuries in the workplace. This is not only being achieved through safety functions designed as features in the knives, but also with the help of the unique training videos and ‘train the trainer' programmes.

DK Denmark
Stand No: S170

Mascot International Limited

MASCOT is one of the largest privately owned manufacturers of workwear in Europe. We supply workwear and safety footwear to multiple industries and our products are sold into a multitude of industries from offshore wind farms to your local DIY store.

For many years, protective clothing has almost exclusively been designed to protect the wearer by offering visibility and protective clothing to protect against external elements, and it still has to do so. But, in MASCOT's range of protective clothing more than just safety has been paramount in the development process. The internal comfort, ergonomic fit that allows a greater mobility, and functionality such as pockets, straps and adjustment options have also been brought into focus.  

Local sales staff
MASCOT's products are sold through distributors, and the large sales organisation serves MASCOT's extensive distributor network and customers on a daily basis. In the UK, MASCOT also has a well-developed sales organisation with experienced sales managers, and our international customer service department are always ready to help. With locally placed sales staff in UK and effective support from the customer service centre, MASCOT ensures the best possible opportunities for a secure and effective cooperation with distributors and businesses.

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Stand No: N155

Founded in 1921, Master Lock is the largest padlock manufacturer and leader in Lockout Solutions worldwide. Our unique expertise in Safety and Security enables us to offer the most innovative and reliable line of Safety lockout/tagout products and accessories in the world.

Safety at work is an essential concern for all professionals. Every year, thousands of work accidents occur while repairing or servicing industrial equipment. Most of those accidents are due to energy sources that have not been isolated. To prevent such accidents, Master Lock created Master Lock® Safety Solutions™: a full range of padlocks, accessories and services designed to help you successfully develop and implement the best possible lockout/tagout program for your facility.

Our Solutions have been specially designed to answer all end-users needs: for electrical, mechanical or valve lockout, for indoor or outdoor uses, for extreme environments… we have the solution you need.

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Stand No: T142

MY Compliance Management offers a complete suite of tools for Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality management.

Simplify all your processes bringing them under one roof, features include:

·         Design your own Audits to run on/off line, recording the responses and set follow up actions.

·         Carry out full Risk Assessments on any aspect of your business, add actions, documents and reviews as necessary.

·         Manage all your Incidents/Accidents, complete with preventative/corrective actions, reviews and documents.

·         Newly updated Training Management to record completed training, set roles and departments and determine any skills gap.

·         Helps improve communication engage employees and and imbed your company policies.

·         Record/manage all your Non Conformance Reports ensuring you are always on top of any discrepancies.

·         Import Library offering ISO 14001, 9001, OHSAS 18001 at a quick glance

·         No data/user/site limits with one simple subscription, making life easy no matter the size of your company.

The Legal Register builder allows you to create as many registers as you need drawing on a database of well over 1000 UK legislations. With personalised, intuitive updates emailed directly to the user you will never miss a vital change or new piece of legislation.

Register free at www.my-compliance.co.uk