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Emergency evacuation. Made simple. TagEvac is the clear, proven and safe way to manage the evacuation of your building. Using intuitive information panels, staff and emergency services can tell instantly which areas have been cleared. That's why it's trusted by industry leaders.

1. It's easy to use & install TagEvac is simple and deliberately low tech uses clear colour-coded messaging so you don't have to think in an emergency. Set up is easy, there's zero maintenance for managers and all staff get quick, no-fuss training.

2. Get back to work quickly TagEvac offers businesses a positive return on investment. It's an affordable, efficient system designed to minimise work disruption. By avoiding lengthy headcounts office downtime is reduced and you can get back to doing what you do best.

3. Trusted by emergency services TagEvac uses the universally recognised ‘sweep' system that reduces human error and speeds up checking. The result is an organised evacuation for your staff and a reliable overview for the emergency services.

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TAWI UK is your complete source for ergonomic lifting solutions with UK headquarters in Northampton. We focus on developing complete ergonomic solutions to substitute manual lifting. Flexibility and ergonomics are key aspects in everything we do. Our basic and customised systems offer a large variety of solutions to every possible lifting situation and environment. Each and every one of them can be used individually, combined with one another or fitted to complement other material handling systems. TAWI lead others follow!

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About Us - With a heritage spanning four generations, TB Davies combines traditional family values, with a dedication to keeping our colleagues, community and customers safe. From our modern three and half acre facility in Cardiff Bay, we ensure every fitting, material and solution is carefully designed and stringently checked to keep you safe when working at height.
We're Trustworthy - The TB Davies Story - Our founder Bryn Davies, a veteran of the Great War and something of a business entrepreneur between the wars became a Warrant Officer during the Second World War. It was here he met future Managing Director Colin Morgan as a young man, concerned about life after the war. To reassure Colin, Bryn made him a promise that a job would be waiting when the war was over. As peace was declared in 1945, Bryn by now in his fifties, sold his house to finance the fledgling business and keep the promise made to his friend. Just as a ladder is more than metal and rungs, Bryn understood there was more to his company than just the product. It has been over seventy years now and TB Davies has had a lot of wonderful people help build what he started. Bryn would be proud to see how together that passion has built an epic past, a safer present and an exciting future.
Together Safer - Our home in Cardiff is the vibrant capital city of Wales, where our team develop bright new ideas and build global links, in the joint aim of making work at height safer and more productive. Together with our community, we are not only bringing innovative ideas to market but educating individuals, to create an environment where working at height is as safe as standing on solid ground.

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The Healthy Employee Team are experienced and dedicated in delivering our Employee Nutrition Services with enthusiasm and flair to engage, motivate and inspire sustainable lifestyle changes, helping you build a strong culture of wellbeing.

We are a team of qualified professionals in nutrition whom deliver Wellbeing Initiatives to the finance, IT & Communications, Construction and Public & Private sectors nationally.

Our Employee Nutrition Services are founded through evidence based, dietitian approved studies and research to boost morale, increase performance and improve health and wellbeing for everyone in the workplace.

•Knowledge is power; we therefore aim to equip employees with the knowledge to:
•Increase energy, ideas, motivation and enthusiasm
•Strengthen morale, leading to physical and mental benefits, which boosts self-confidence and enables employees to achieve their full potential
•Improve work performance and job satisfaction
•Increase concentration
•Strengthened immune system
•Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism
•Improve quality of sleep with decreased lethargy
•Lower stress levels
•Boost happiness •Improve blood pressure, body fat, visceral fat and cholesterol

All of these sustainable improvements enable lasting health improvements, leading to a greater bottom line within your business.

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The HSE Recruitment Network are the UK's no.1 recruiter within the Health, Safety & Environmental sector, and also oversee the industry's no.1 networking group for senior safety practitioners: HSE Leaders Connect.

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The Safety Knife Company was founded in 1993 and is now a fully established manufacturer of Safety/Utility Knives. We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of products to many industries across the globe. All of our manufactured products are made right here in the UK and we strongly value our local supplier relationships. Our long serving members of staff offer outstanding product knowledge and advice and pride themselves in fantastic customer service. We are constantly working with Health and Safety professionals to develop new products. We appreciate and review all of your feedback to ensure we are offering the most innovative and practical alternatives to open bladed knives aimed at making your workplace safer. Our website and e-shop will be an on-going resource centre for our new and existing customers to place orders, obtain training material and much more.

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The Scaffolding Association is committed to raising standards in the access and scaffolding sector. As an independent trade body, the Association represents scaffolding and access contractors, client organisations, manufacturers and consultants who employ, supply, install and manufacture access and scaffolding systems and access services.

The Scaffolding Association provides safety, technical and training advice and support to help members improve their businesses. The Association offers membership levels that suit the business structure and capabilities of organisations that vary in size and complexity. The Association works closely with the construction industry, government and accreditation organisations, to provide a robust support network designed to help members deliver the very highest quality service.

Membership continues to grow and has now broken through the 250 member barrier, making the Association the fastest growing representative trade association in the access and scaffolding sector.

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Traka is a leading worldwide specialist in intelligent key and asset management solutions. Manufactured in the UK, systems allow you to control and audit who has access to your valuable keys and equipment. By enabling an organisation to implement superior management control, Traka can help improve user accountability. This results in your assets being better utilized, a greater sense of ownership by users, reduced operating costs, and better operational efficiency, not to mention increased compliance with company process & procedures. Furthermore we can ensure all keys and assets are returned at the end of each day with our curfew management.

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Managing Work-Place Road Safety
TTC DriverProtect recognises that effectively managing work-related road safety can be a real challenge.
A work place isn't just a building it can extend to a vehicle too.
Businesses therefore must have an effective policy covering their work-related driving activities. This not only ensures staff are aware of their and your responsibilities; it is an essential requirement under Health & Safety legislation.
To that effect, we have developed a suite of services that provide organisations with the complete lifecycle of compliance, administration and fleet risk management. These include
? Fleet Audit
? Policy management
? Driving Licence checking
? Driver Risk profiling
? E-Learning
? In-house workshops
? On-road driver training
? Behavioural change
? Grey Fleet Management
You choose how far we get involved.Depending on how effectively you are managing your work-related road safety, these services can be sourced either as individual solutions or more normally as a broader managed service offering.Employees are both your most expensive and most valuable asset, analysing their driver risk profile is essential.If you are not aware of the potential risks your drivers pose to themselves or your business, you will not know what measures to put in place to mitigate those risks.

As the old and proven saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure'.
Visit us on Stand R146 or visit our website to find out more www.ttc-driverprotect.com
TTC DriverProtect – Protect your People, protect your Business, protect your Brand.