BuildSafe addresses two of the construction industry's largest challenges:  low productivity and high rates of work-related accidents, both of which lead to large costs for companies in the sector.

BuildSafe is the digital tool where the whole project organisation easily can report, follow-up and analyse risks and disturbances on site. All inspection types, observations, incidents and accidents are reported in one format and tasks are automatically distributed to the people in charge. Unnecessary administration is eliminated and crucial information instantly reaches the right people.

Working digitally allows for powerful real-time data that helps managers evaluate frequent risk areas, current lead-times, overall compliance and sub-contractor performance. 

Construction companies that use BuildSafe are able to streamline work-flows, strengthen relations with clients and suppliers, ensure standardisation and increase overall project involvement. By implementing BuildSafe, sites have proven to reduce risk by 70 % and save 1000 hours annually. In essence – BuildSafe enables safe and efficient construction projects, completed on time and on budget.    


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