VR Training Demo

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service are using virtual technology to give young drivers an insight into a virtual realistic driving environment from a front seat passenger’s perspective – experience it for yourself at Safety & Health Expo.

Leicestershire has created a ground-breaking ‘360-degree’ public safety film (VF4-360) simulating a fatal road traffic collision – the first UK fire and rescue service to explore the potential of VR technology.

It’s the first of its kind in Europe and is now being used worldwide to educate new young drivers, in a drive to reduce the number of young people killed and seriously injured on our roads.


How does it work?

Designed to be watched through a new virtual reality headset, the Gear VR, the film allows young drivers to fully be involved in a full crash scene extrication - from the arrival of the emergency service to being talked through the process by the paramedics at hand.

“The film has exceeded all expectations and is proving to be a fantastic resource now being used all over the world by Fire, Police, Law Enforcement Agencies and local authorities.”

Paul Speight, Watch Manager, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Services

Produced in partnership with RiVR, a leading developer of photorealistic virtual reality experiences, the film is breaking new ground and pushing the boundaries of training by using the very best, new technology along with specialised skills to provide room scale virtual reality training environments.

Why VR?

It's interactive, explorable and totally believable.

  • The realism allows the brain to learn and develop muscle memory for repetitive tasks, and establishes a deep-rooted knowledge of how and where items are used within the environment.
  • Scenes can be reset meaning you can restart the scenario at any point, it also allows safely for mistakes to be made and corrected.
  • Trainees as well as experienced fire fighters can virtually enter hazardous scenarios safely and repeat/reset scenes at will.

Experience the future at Safety & Health Expo

Experience VR for yourself.  Learn more about how drones, virtual reality and other technology will rapidly influence health & safety risk reduction strategies in the CPD-accredited seminar programme. And don’t forget to visit the Lone Worker and Driver Safety Theatre, sponsored by DriveTech.