Workwear and PPE

Corporate wear, PPE and workwear continue to be a concern for many organisations especially those in the Construction, Manufacturing, Health and Services industries. Add to this that many within the health and safety profession have a responsibility for this professional clothing and PPE and there are more considerations than can be taken at face value.

In 2019, Professional Clothing Show will move into Safety & Health Expo to become part of a larger area dedicated to demonstrating the criteria needed to procure high quality and fit-for-purpose garments and equipment. Diadora Utility, Enfield Safety Supplies, Shoes For Crews (Europe), Gentex Europe, BrightBoot and PK Safety are just some of the exhibitors you can expect to meet.

Professional Clothing Show
PPE Attack Zone

PPE Attack Zone - new

Central to this will be the PPE Attack Zone  - a brand new demonstration area for visitors to experience the benefits of innovative workwear and PPE that does more than just meet the minimum standard. Falls prevention expert Rob Shaw, says it best; “While passing one of these poorer standards is evidence that the product has achieved a minimum level of performance, it does not guarantee that the product will reduce risk in the workplace.” 
To find out more about what you will be able to experience within this exciting new zone, visit the What’s On page.  Any manufacturer who would like to showcase the testing procedures their high quality PPE goes through in a live exhibition environment is invited to apply here.